History’s Most Polarizing Election

Never in our nation’s history have we faced such a controversial election, which has divided us as a community and most importantly as Americans.

After talking to multiple people about their thoughts and feelings about the election, four people and their breakdown of the process was truly notable.

With November 3rd being election day, The final result wasn’t officially called until 5 days later, with Biden as the projected winner. Biden’s win was faced with almost immediately controversy by thousands of Americans, as well as the Trump administration, claiming many states including Philadelphia, Detroit, Atlanta, as well as Nevada were guilty of mass voter fraud.

Latest Election Count (Nov. 9) Courtesy of Associated Press

This left debate and skepticism around the officially called election result. It’s unique to talk to individuals and family members, as you are able to get a particular perspective from each person on their thoughts on the outcome.

Finding both Republican and Democrat voters respectively, It was truly unique to reflect on particular perspectives that were interesting and intriguing to the public’s emotional benefit. This election has no doubt left many of us distraught from all the controversy and become impatient waiting for a final call.

First to be interviewed was Tracy Baker, 47, who is a registered voter of the Republican party. Baker works two jobs, Wegmans supply chain full time, and Home Depot part time. She had very insightful and comforting thoughts on the election results, and how to move forward from such stress.

Tracy Baker (47)

“Don’t let it eat you up inside, and don’t think about it too much, because it doesn’t hurt you personally in any way. Let it go and move on, life will continue. Politics is not worth fighting over and I have seen it divide many people, which is why I stop myself from talking about it in public. I don’t want to start an argument with someone who might be overly passionate or maybe more insight on a candidate than I do.” according to Baker.

When asking Baker on her thoughts about the allegations of voter fraud and if it would change the election result in any way, she made a powerful statement that really opens people’s eyes.

“There’s nothing you can do, it is what it is, life goes on and nothing will drastic or serious will happen.” said Baker

Dave Coleman (28)

Dave Coleman, 28, who is also registered voter and politically affiliated with the Democratic party was also asked on his thoughts of the result of the election and how long the process has had to take because of the pandemic and mail in voting.

Coleman works a full time job at Wegmans in the produce department, and is also going to school full time at Monro Community College. He had a very specific take on the election and the apparent result.

“I think Biden really won because everyone is sick of the division Trump has brought to our country, and I think everyone, including me, just wants all of this to be over.” Coleman stated.

After asking Coleman his thoughts on Trump’s legal fight, and if he believes Trump has a chance of making a comeback or if he should make the call to concede, he had some noble words to say.

“It’s not that I hate Trump, I just don’t like his rhetoric and the way he carries himself as he speaks. It rubs me the wrong way, and I believe these past four years were splitting us apart as a community and nation. Biden definitely won from the result, but we will have to wait and see.” says Coleman.

Brian Ennis, 54, is a manager at Wegmans who was very vocal in the past as a registered voter and notable Trump supporter. Many in the department who weren’t fans of Trump had words to say. It was obviously not the most appropriate environment to be talking politics, but his response was so truthful and bombastic, it was hard for the other employees not to hear it.

“You must be delusional!” shouted Ennis in the receiving dock.

Ennis was very passionate and outspoken about his political views and made claims of massive voter fraud being the main issue with the result of the election and why Trump seems to have ultimately lost as of recently.

“You must be delusional if you don’t think this election was rigged. There was thousands of illegal ballots cast! They cheated! They stole the election from Trump.” Ennis continued to shout.

After Ennis had calmed down, employees started to ask him his thoughts on why so many people apparently voted for Biden and the final election results as of now.

“Theres no way all those mail in votes were all just for Biden, it’s a mathematical inconsistency. Obviously I believe my views are right, but I am also open to hear anyone else’s opinion or thoughts, even if I really don’t agree with them.”

One final conversation was with Sagar Bal, 22, who had spoken publicly in the past that he was registered to vote and that he had leaned mostly towards the views of the Democratic party. Bal seemed to be pleased and relieved with the final election results, and was eager to see what Biden would do differently during this COVID-19 epidemic.

Sagar Bal (22)

“I really wanted Andrew Yang, I honestly think Trump and Biden both suck. I feel Trump is dividing us as a nation, as he’s had past allegations against him and told counties lies. Biden is losing his mind in my opinion, I haven’t seen him speak a proper sentence. But, I believe Biden will do better to unite us.” Bal had said.

Bal’s perspective and take on the absentee ballots, mail in voting, and claims of voter fraud in the final election result was like most Americans at the moment. Bal seemed to be unsure at the moment, and wanted further evidence and proof before he believe everything he reads.

“I get the whole absentee ballot thing, but I need real proof to see before I start believing the claims. I don’t trust anything that comes out. I believe Biden will do better for the middle class, and I believe it should all be about unity, as we are in dire need as a nation.” Bal continued.

After collecting and hearing thoughts and opinions from many Democratic and Republican voters out there, it really exposed how much the public has lost complete trust in the media and won’t believe everything they read without finding substantial evidence through vigorous research.

We have never faced such a controversial election, ever, in our nations history. We are divided as a community, and most importantly Americans during these past four years leading up to this election. Trump and Biden have created one of the most polarizing elections in American history.

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